My love for…


Modern Architecture

I forgot to mention this.. I don’t know how.. but I love architecture almost more than anything.. Just thinking of becoming an architect makes me shiver! Well.. I visit the building school in Maribor, Slovenia.. and its pure excitement.. I love doing it..

“An architect is the drawer of dreams”

I believe the above written is true. As I am slowly drawing my dreams of being an architect.

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Why is there evil in the world?

Topic #203:

Why is there Evil in the world?


well.. the whole meaning of EVIL.. of the word EVIL… I think EVIL is one of the biggest human issues.. the human Mind is a wonderful thing. It’s light side is truly beautiful. but the human mind has it’s dark side.. the dark side consists of many dark things.. one of them is Evil.. but for the true harmony.. there must be a dark side AND a light side.. I believe the secrets of being good or evil is hidden in the ubringing of a life.. in the ubringing of the child.. although evilness may also be explained as a genetical dissorder. But i think evilness is just a state of mind, that comes natural to the ubringing.

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